MBA in General Management

Program Overview:

The General MBA program offered by IBSS prepares students to lead and succeed in today’s complex business environment.
The General MBA program is for students or employees who want to boost and excel their career. It is set up to move current careers forward with the gained knowledge and skills.
IBSS selects teachers with high academic backgrounds relevant to subjects they teach. The teaching pedagogy adopted by IBSS for the General MBA program is the experiential learning approach that relies on the use of case studies and problem based assignment materials which develops students’ knowledge, analytical thinking and decision making process.
The teaching methods are conducted as blended learning courses which combine teaching online, or supported using study guides with self-paced online learning. The online self-paced learning components of the program give students the flexibility they need to be able to meet the requirements of both their jobs and their studying at the same time. The sessions provide the interaction with the teacher and other students needed to avoid feeling isolated from their learning environment.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon the completion of IBSS General MBA program, students should be:
  • Knowledgeable of the context and aware of the dynamics of organizational functioning. 
  • Skilled with current knowledge and relevant analytical tools to carry out managerial duties in business organizations. 
  • Competent and effective decision makers in solving practical issues in the globalized business environment. 
  • Able to communicate well 
  • Capable of handling enhanced duties to seize greater opportunities and advance careers to higher management positions. 
  • Adequately exposed to international business and collaborations. 

Program Structure:

The program gives students a total of 48 credits to be completed in either 12 months of full time study or in 2 years of part time study.
The program consists of 10 Professional Modules in addition to a Final Thesis.

Course Modules
The Manager of the Future
The Future way of the Organization
Leadership in the Future
Human Resource Management
Sales and Marketing Management
Corporate Communication of the Future
Financial Management
Project Management
International Business of The Future
Strategic Management of the Future